Go Daddy Super Bowl XLll Ads Rejected By Fox

For those of you who don't think sex sells just take a look at how hard they are working over at Go Daddy to create an edgy, innovative, slightly inappropriate Super Bowl ad.

Fox Netwroks rejection to Bob Parson's...
Just don't say "beaver." FOX network rejected Go Daddy's Super Bowl ad because an actor referred to a beaver – a replica beaver that was, in fact, being portrayed – as a “beaver.” Go Daddy was told under no circumstance could they use that word, and if they didn’t say the word “beaver,” the ad would be approved.

The rejection timeline:

11-05-07- Origianl Bathroom Concept Rejected

11-06-07- Original Dress Concept Rejected, The network said no dice when they had the origianl Go Daddy Girl, Candice Michelle, do her best Marlilyn Monroe impression.

11-09-07- Origianal Exposure Concept Rejected

11-16-07- Revised Exposure Concept Rejected

11-27-07- Revised Exposure Concept Rejected yet again

11-28-07- Original Senator Concept Rejected

12-05-07- Original Spot On Concept Rejected, This concept was eventually approved, but not without some changes from the network.

01-07-08- Revised Spot On Rejected again, the second attempt at this ad was closer, but the network still thought it was too hot for TV.

01-24-08- Go Daddy announces they finally have an approved ad for the Super Bowl.

I'm looking forward to seeing it, I just hope it is worth all the hype.

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