The Man Behind The Google Doodle

Meet Mr. Dennis Hwang
Dennis Hwang's drawings are viewed by nearly 180 million people a day. He's one of the most important graphic designers in the business world. And yet the mild-mannered 29-year-old keeps a low profile--and devotes only a small fraction of his time to his art.
Hwang's whimsical designs serve a serious business function. Google's multi-colored Google logo is just as important a branding device as Apple's apple. As Google balloons into a powerful and controversial tech behemoth (see, 5/30/07, "Google Is Making You Dumber"), the doodles humanize the company. With their rough, hand-drawn look, they hark back to the company's experimental, nimble, intellectual, and fanciful startup legacy. "The doodles let Google wink at their audience," says Bill Gardner, founder of, a site that covers trends in corporate logo design.

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