Time TOP 10 List Best TV ADS OF THE YEAR

We love TOP 10 LISTS, here is Time Magazines Top 10 List for TV Commercials of the year

#1..Super Bowl of Love, Late Show with David Letterman
Long-estranged Dave and Oprah cuddle in front of the tube cheering their teams. "We both win because we're in love," he says. TD Late Show!

#2..Impossible Is Nothing, Adidas
Athletes like David Beckham discuss overcoming adversity and draw defining moments. Classy.

#3..Thief, Gatorade
A hydrated Derek Jeter and Harvey Keitel on the virtues of stealing.

#4..Onslaught, Dove
A little girl is hit with a barrage of ads promising to make a woman "younger, smaller, tighter" as Dove lathers up a new vision of beauty.

#5..Meredith, Apple
A guy describes how he used his iPhone to avoid a social blunder. The supergadget sells itself.

#6..Tina Fey, American Express
This gal's workday is crazier than yours. If the card works for her ...

#7..Happiness Factory
A plot, characters and cool animation: commercial or Pixar film?

#8..Most Interesting Man in the World, Dos Equis
At last, a beer-ad hero for people beyond the keg-stand stage of life.

#9..Live the Flavor, Doritos
Made by a consumer, it's appealingly homespun and, yes, cheesy.

#10..Rollin' VIP, Nationwide
Kevin Federline works in fast food--and reinvents his image.
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