New Audi A4 "Progress Is Beautiful" TV Commercial

The all new Audi A4 "Progress Is Beautiful" commercial.
The all new Audi A4 ad debuted in front of millions of viewers for the first time during the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. This spectacular commercial was created by the Venables, Bell & Partners Ad Agency.

I have been attempting to get more details on the music used in the Audi commercial, this is a quote from an email response a friend received after contacting Audi about the "Progress Is Beautiful" commercial campaign.

"We appreciate your taking the time to share your comments with us about
the Progress is Beautiful video and are very pleased that you enjoyed
the music so much. As a general rule, our commercial videos have
specially-created music from a music house for each commercial; this
music is not available to the public."

If anyone has any information on the song title, artist or composer please do share it with us.
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