Epic Ad Introducing GMC's new Sierra HD Pickup Truck with "Build" Spot

Building on their reputation as one of the top design, animation and CG studios, Asylum has created an epic :30 introducing GMC's new Sierra HD pickup truck. The ad, which is part of the new Sierra Heavy Duty launch campaign via Leo Burnett airs during the NBA Finals on ABC.

Build is a dazzling depiction of agile, flying robots assembling the new GMC Sierra Heavy Duty pickup dramatizing the precision and innovation that is the result of GMC's engineering heritage. As a rocking beat pulses over the screen and a narrator describes the vehicle's superior frame, engine and transmission, the drones rapidly maneuver and drill the truck into shape, from the raw frame, to the addition of every intricate electronic to the final placement of the doors and windshield. The Asylum crew generated the physical elements in CG and ran all the FX and compositing in Flame.

"There is no photography in this entire spot, not even the final depiction of the truck, we literally generated this entire world from concept to completion," noted Asylum EP Mike Pardee.

Client: GMC
Spots Title: Build :30
Air Date: June 2010, NBA Finals

Agency: Leo Burnett
Worldwide ECD: Peter McHugh
CD: Chad M. Laughlin
Sr. Writer: David Charlton
Sr. Art Director: Diane Schomer
EP: Jennie Hochthanner
Senior Producer: Mark Nicholas

VFX/Production Company: Asylum
Director: Fred Raimondi
EP: Michael Pardee
Producer: Ryan Meredith
Bidding Producer: Cassandra Khavari
Coordinator: Emily Avoujageli
Animation Director: Piotr Karwas
CG Producer: Jeff Werner
Lead Compositor: Rob Trent
Compositing: Miles Esmiller, Katrina Salicrup
3D Animation: Michael Shelton, Michael Warner, Larry White, Alfonso Alpuerto
Lead Lighter: Aaron Vest
Lighter(s): Eric Pender, Yamashita Yurichiro

Rigging: Briana Hamilton, Rick Grandy
Lead Modeler: Greg Stuhl
Modeling: Lersak Bunupuradah, Hai Nguyen, Chad Fehmie, Julian Sarmiento
Textures: John Hart
Conceptual Designer: Jeff Julian
Design: Michael Tello, Joseph Mullen
Tracking: Tom Stanton, Apirak Kamjan

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