Sony Dash Mr. Sun Ad

With the launch of the new Sony Dash, Sony’s not only introducing a new product, but an entirely new way to face the day. Among its many uses, the Sony Dash is a bedside internet device that lets people customize their wake up with apps like Facebook, Pandora, live traffic, weather, just about anything they might need (aside from a morning espresso) to start the day.

So to get the word out it was only natural that 180 LA turned to the guy who’s responsible for starting every day¬–the sun.

In this new spot for the Sony Dash, we imagined what it might be like if the Sun could visit the Sony Innovation Center to give us his take on this revolutionary new device. The good news is he liked it. The bad news is, well, he’s made of fire. And an enthusiastic fireball can be a dangerous thing.

“The new Sony Dash has the unique ability to offer a whole new wake up experience for its users. In this spot we have the sun stop by to lend his expertise. And if the sun were to come by Sony’s Innovation Center, he’d clearly be dressed in business casual.” – Gavin Lester, Creative Director

This is the first Sony Campaign since Creative Directors Gavin Lester and Ari Weiss joined 180 and the second spot of the campaign. The campaign features various visitors stopping by Sony’s Innovation Center, to take a look at Sony’s latest technologies.
Advertising Agency: 180 Los Angeles, USA
Executive Creative Dir: William Gelner
Creative Directors: Gavin Lester, Ari Weiss
Art Director: Matthew Woodhams-Roberts
Copywriter: Dave Horton
Managing Partner/Head of Production: Peter Cline
Senior Producer: Colleen Wellman
Planner: Brit Browning
Group Account Director: Kelli Stam
Account Director: Michele Tebbe
Production Co.: Smuggler
Director: Guy Shelmerdine
DP: Toby Irwin
Executive Producer / Partner: Patrick Milling Smith
Executive Producer / Partner: Brian Carmody
Producer: Kathy Rhodes
Production Designer: Clem Price Thomas
Stylist: Robert Molnar
Casting Company: Telsey + Company
Casting Director:
Shoot Location: New York, NY
Editorial Co.: MacKenzie Cutler
Editor: Gavin Cutler
Assistant Editor: Kristy Faris
Executive Producer: Melissa Miller
Completion/Special Effects
Colorist: Fergus McCall
Transfer Facility: The Mill NY
Online Facility: The Mill LA
Lead Flame Artist: Phil Crowe
Special Effects Co.: The Mill LA
Lead 3D Artist: Steve Beck
Recording Studio: Eleven
Final Mix: Eleven
Mixer: Jeff Payne
Asst Mixer: Ben Freer
Senior VP Corporate Marketing: Stuart Redsun
Director of Brand Messaging: Alberto Escobedo
Sr. Brand Messaging Manager: Christine Gately-Evans

Thanks Michelle for passing this our way.
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