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The latest from CISMA is "The Fly and the Eye", released exclusively on the web. Working with the agency Road, from Barcelona, the film was created to promote the clothing brand BLACK THINKING ( that belongs to OCB. Purely designed for the web, this work stands out with its mix of live action elements and clever composition. The film was shot and post-produced in São Paulo by ILEGAL FX for BOOLAB; Cisma’s representation in Spain.

The film begins with a man sleeping on a couch. Suddenly, he is awoken by an annoying fly. From this moment on, the protagonist initiates a battle with the insect, and the bug decides to fight back with a gang of his furious friends. The man runs from them, vanishing off screen left, and unexpectedly, simultaneously appears back on screen right. This is the starting point of a sequence of mind-bending visuals that are beautifully crafted with an overall aesthetic inspired by the classic science-fiction movies of the 50's.

“The idea was to create a piece that worked as a viral, but without being a 5 seconds YouTube joke", said CISMA. Altogether, two months of work were needed to produce this creative and original project .

With some touches, the film presents a new way of viral marketing, giving life to a cinematic narrative that is closer to the one used in short-films than in conventional advertisements. Also, because it was made for internet viewing, it completely ignores the common rules of advertising, like video safe areas; the action happens at the very edges of the screen and uses the entire screen. See the making of the film here:

This is the director’s second work for the international market. About three months ago he directed his film “Therapy”, made for the American TV channel Fuse TV, and produced by his US production company, BLACKLIST (

Full Credits list:

Title: The Fly and the Eye
Client: OCB
Agency: Road, Barcelona
Director: Cisma
Production Company: Boolab
Production Service Company: Margarida flores e filmes
Post production: IlegalFX
Sound design: Combustion
Storyboard: Renato Blaschi
Brazilian Producer: Paulo Schmidt
Animatic: Alfredo Hisa
Nuke Composition: Daniel Dias
3D animation: Renato Ferro
Director of Photography: Ching
Assistant Director: Paula Janie
Casting: Simone Cândido/ Miki Malka
Art direction: Stella do Carmo
Production Coordinator: Thais Freire
Head production: Adriano Gobbi
Head post production: Francisco Ruiz
Wardrobe: Silvinho Monteiro
Rotoscopy team: Marcio Martins Filho, Marcelo Martins, Rogerio Merlino, Paulo Chedid, Claudio Boeno, Eduardo Monte Alegre

Q&A with CISMA on The Fly and the Eye:

What is OCB & the Black Thinking Collection?
OCB is a rolling paper brand from France, Black thinking is their t-shirts, booklets and stickers collection.

Tell me about the concept behind the spot.
The idea was to make a 40s sci-fi movie about a guy who couldn't leave the frame. Everything that gets out of the screen from one side it returns in the other. He tries to escape using all the directions, from right to the left, from back to front and from up and down the frame. It's a justification to have the last image with an eye with two pupils. Because the nature of this film, using all the edges and last pixels of a frame, it completely ignores the TV´s safe action,so this film could only be presented on a monitor screen. It's exclusive for internet.

What did you want to get across in this spot?
I watch more films in my computer than on TV, people are using media centers connected to a digital TVs or a projectors. Safe-area are becoming out dated, I've tried to use the maximum image size I could. Even the lettering in the end almost touch the sides of the screen.

Tell us about the shoot & what tools you used in post?
We had an excellent actor so the shooting was pretty easy, he did long sequences of actions with no mistakes. We use a treadmill and blue screen to make him stay always on frame, the final position of his actions was done in post production. We shot and finish in Sao Paulo, Brazil using
Nuke for compositing and softimage XSI for 3D.

Thanks to Shannon Stephaniuk at Glossy Inc. for sharing all the above info.
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