Smith & Nephew "Innovation in Motion"

Exciting new Smith & Nephew TV spot commercial titled "Innovtion in Motion"

Peek Performance powered by Smith & Nephew, an active and exciting commercial for hip and joint replacement. I thought this was simply great when I first watched it. A generation of doers wont let hip or joint replacement stop us from doing anything.
Title: Innovation in Motion
Agency: Ogilvy, New York
Production Company: Psyop, New York
Director: Eben Mears and Mate Steinforth, Psyop
Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
Producer: Michael Neithardt
Assistant Producer: Tarun Cahraipotra
Project Lead: Florian Witzel
CG: Alvin Bae, Jan Bitz, Jae Ham, Miguel Salek, Jeff Dates, Rich Magan, Jacob Slutsky, Jason Vega, Goo-Shun Wang, Lee Wolland
Storyboard Artist: Ben Chan
Software Developer: Andreas Gebhardt
After Effects: Doug Purver, Jason Conradt, Elliot Blanchard
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