Brand Marketing The Good The Bad and The Where

Carlos Mandelbaum, the man behind Carnival of Ideas discusses how advertising is no longer about TV commercials or print ads but more about creating conversations about brands. I find his comments very interesting regarding advertising agencies that are trying to create the brand buzz and how it just isn't happening.
The second clip is a brilliant animation created by Scholz & Friends from Germany who capture the reality of brand marketing and the dramatic shift we are seeing in marketing today. Nice to see some of us are finally getting it.

Scholz & Friends: "Dramatic shift in marketing reality" - aka "A short history of marketing" ...Michael Reissinger on Vimeo.

In the earlier days marketing was easy, in 1965 80% market coverage was achieved with only three 60 second TV spots. In today's new modern world marketing is not so easy anymore, 65% of people feel continuously bombarded with advertising. The Orchestra of Ideas created by Scholz & Friends is nice look at the reality of advertising and brand overload today.
This brilliant video clip about the changes in marketing realities by German ad agency Scholz & Friends, created by Michael Reissinger. Michael notes that it took about 5 weeks to create the video with the help of his animation guy Rafael Ahamad; including all the illustration, typo works and the animation.
He also gives credit to Mighty Marc at who did the special effects and the music.
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