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Director Jared Eberhardt has just completed four new films for Puma, this one titled "Motor" and the others include Puma Running, Golf and Fitness. They combine a playful live-action with a fully illustrated set that National Forest collaborated on. Each shares the same overall concept, but varies in both the content and execution of the action – a modular world of sport, games, animated backdrops and hairy monsters.
Director – Jared Eberhardt
Cast: Rikki Fowler, Sergio Cilli, Michael Hsiung, Jerod Partin, Kevin Lenhart, Tommy Cunningham, Erica Blasberg, Carrie Gross, Kyle Hindin, Josh Forbes, Eric Ledgin, Johanna Frisk, Max Aria, Fred Abramyan, Gayle Steffens, Nicole McDonald, Annet Mahendru, Joel Stubbs, Earl Moore, Ethen Jimenez, Addy Richley, Max Richley, Isaac Weber, Erin Kirstein, Alicia Amie, Tara Macken, Mark Schoenecker
Producer: Jared Eberhardt & Imari McDermott
Original music: The Shag ‘Stop and Listen’
Art Director: National Forest, Justin Kreitemeyer, Steven Harrington
Art Department: Sara Newey, Laurel Hitchin, Justin Trask, Christy MacCaffrey, David Lafond, Matt Carey, Jonathan Miertchin, Matt Carey, David Lafond, Sadaf Azimi, Vanessa Lam, Andy Holder
Construction: Company Inc Sets, Bill Horbury, Reno Spear, Patrick Spall, Miguel Burris, Paul Carr, Dayne Oshiro, Beth Goodnight, Jonny Hirsch, Christopher Pippen, Andy Holder
Wardrobe: Gena Tuso
Makeu: John McKay, Nathan Dwell
Hair: John Ruggiero, Sandra Jahannia
Choreographer: Ginger Gonzaga
Assistant director: George Nessis
Second Assistant director: Sendeu Flippin
Gaffer: Chris Dale
Jib Operator: Lou Duskim, Mike Pusatere
AC: Jaxon Woods
Key Grip: Chris Hyde
Lighting Board: Diego Garcia
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