SuperBowl 2010 Bridgestone Teaser Ads

On Sunday February 7th, Bridgestone will unveil two new commercials during Super Bowl XLIV. Bridgestone is also the sponsor of the Super Bowl XLIV Halftime Show featuring the legendary rock band, The Who. In preparation for the event, Bridgestone has released teasers and behind-the-scenes footage for their two commercials - "Whale of a Tale" and "Your Tires or Your Life". Above is the Super Bowl XLIV 2010 Whale Of A Tale Bridgestone teaser ad, and below is Your Tires or Your Life teaser. We will have to wait till SuperBowl Sunday to see what happens in these two commercials.

For all you behind the scenes fanatics, you might enjoy this clip from the action behind the Whale of a Tale spot.

Sorry all but so far all I know is that these Super Bowl ads are being done by The Richards Group. Special thanks to Eric at MediaLink for passing this our way.
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