The New Egotist Network Wants Creative Industry Pros

Visitors to Great-Ads surely know of the Denver Egotist's website(has anyone found out his name yet!?) anyway that's another story. The Egotist has launched a site redesign and introduced a great new Network Platform for creative pros. They are accepting applications right now for individuals who can report on local creative happenings, so get over there if you can offer your creative genius to the world.

Introducing the First Hyperlocal Blogging Platform for the
Creative Industry
Denver, CO -- While thousands of blogs report on creative work happening around the world, The
Egotist Network has created a blogging platform that helps cities cover their own local markets.
Members of the creative industry care about what’s going on in their home city – whether it’s a
campaign launched by a competing agency or a new job post from a better shop down the road.
As of today, The Network is accepting applications from creative-industry pros in cities around the
world to run their own version of the site.
The Egotist platform has been tested by a creative team in Denver, Colorado USA for the last
three years. For those invited to participate, the platform comes with a plan for building their citysite
quickly, effectively and profitably – the way Denver has succeeded in doing.
“Any motivated individual now has access to a proven system for bringing their local community
together and making money doing it,” said Ben Pieratt, Creative Director for The Egotist Network.
“Very few existing sites promote their local creative scene. Given our experience with Denver and
the conversations we’re currently having with other cities, this is something that’s clearly in high
demand wherever you live.”
For more information:
To see the platform in action:
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