New Axe Commercial Keep Your "Brainy Girl" Happy

The newest ad for Axe teaches the boys how to stay awake with AXE Rise Shower Gel and keep up with your Brainy Girl.

Agency: BBH London
Client: Axe
Director: Tim Godsall
Global Brand Director: Giovanni Valentini
CW: David Kolbusz
Prod. Co.: Biscuit Filmworks UK
CW: Simon Pearse
CW: Dan Morris
AD: Emmanuel Saint M'leux
AD: Charlene Chandrasekaran
AD: Rob Ellis
CD: David Kolbusz
Producer: Rachel Hough
Team Director: Nic Manser
Strategy Director: Tim Jones
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Tim Godsall
Producer: Rick Jarjoura
DOP: Stephen Keith-Roach
Post Production: Framestore
Editor/Editing House: Work Post
Sound: Factory Studios
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