Suncorp Bank Commercial "The Chase"

This new commercial for Suncorp Bank takes a satirical look at action movies and voice recognition technology. The ad features flying ninjas and girls on roller-blades chasing our action hero, he almost gets away but of course technology gets in his way.

Advertising Agency: GPY & R
Creative Group Head: Brenden Greaney
Senior Art Director: Aaron Neilsen
Producer: Kohbe Vela
Prod Co: The Feds through Taxi Films
Director: Bruce Hurwit
DP: Robert Humphries
EP: Andrew Wareham
Producer: Yolande Dewey
Editorial Co: The Cutting Edge
Editor: Steve Thomas
Producer: Vicki Lee
Post/Effects Co: Cutting Edge VFX
Colorist: Scott Harris
Online: Oris
Sound: Ross Batten
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