McDonald's Four Bucks is Dumb Billboard

I'm Lovin' It, McDonald's finally gets exciting with their advertising. Billboards starting popping up around Seattle Washington the home of Starbucks for McDonald's, the billboards read "Four Bucks is Dumb" now serving espresso; other billboards read "Large is the New Grande". McDonald's released a statement calling the advertising campaign "a light-hearted, fun approach to our brand," aimed at promoting the company's McCafe coffee products. I'm sure Starbucks is not sharing in the same sentiments about the ad campaign.

"four bucks is dumb. now serving espresso"
McDonalds billboard four bucks is dumb advertising campaign takes on Starbucks Deb Trevino, director of global communications for Starbucks, responded to the McDonald's campaign by saying: "Comparative campaigns are all well and good but only when they're credible and authentic. If the claim is not supportable or the tone is off, you risk losing credibility."
Let the corporate bickering begin, I personally love the billboard it ads some excitement to the advertising world; let's hope Starbuck's comes back with a light hearted attack on McDonald's, they could be great considering the reputation of McD's food, do you really think they could make an espresso as good as Starbuck's?
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