Stella Artois "Doves" Commercial Originally Crafted For The Holidays

Beautiful new Stella Artois commercial created by Lowe Roche, Toronto. Stella Artois; Originally Crafted For The Holidays. The spot, directed by Psyop and a microsite at tell the story of a master craftsman who creates a magical paper cut world. The concept draws parallels to Stella Artois’ own brewing process and unique holiday heritage. Music by: Paul Leonard-Morgan , Sound engineer: Ben Gulvin , Sound House: 750mph, London.

“We wanted to explain the ties Stella Artois has to the holiday season, while honoring their cinematic and interactive advertising traditions. We took this project as our opportunity to bring an element of magic and fantasy to the Stella Artois brand.” said Christina Yu, Vice President, Creative Director, Lowe Roche. “After all, what better way to celebrate the season than with a beer created just for it?”
Project: Le Noël
Spot title: Dove
Client Company: InBev
Brand: Stella Artois
Creative Agency: Lowe Roche, Toronto
Worldwide Creative Director: Matthew Bull
Creative Director: Christina Yu
Art Directors: Christina Yu, Patrick Shing
Copywriters: Rob Sturch, Joseph Bonnici
Producer: Dan Heighes
Digital Production Director: Trisha Quenneville
Flash Developer: Dan Purdy
Business Management: Anna Crabtree, Oliver Clark
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