Sicilia Fashion Village | The Most Fashionable Place In The World Promo Spot

In the heart of Sicily is hidden the one of the most fashionable towns in the world. The little village of Agira is populated not more than some 8333 inhabitants who just happen to be the coolest and most fashionable people ever seen.
This promo created to promote Sicilia (Sicily) Fashion Village is just fantastic, how can you not enjoy seeing typical elderly Italians looking so good.
What is this place you might be thinking......Sicily Fashion Village is the first outlet village in Sicily, a place where you can buy at reduced prices throughout the year from 30% to 70% of the clothing and accessories of the most prestigious Italian and international fashion: some of these arrive in Sicily for the first time! Over a hundred mono-brand boutiques come together for the first time in the same place, in the heart of Sicily, to provide visitors with accessible quality, major brands, assortments are always new, but also fun, food and wine typical and exclusive services.
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And yes Fashion Village is a very real place, check it out for yourself Sicily Fashion Village
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