Lipton Tea Featuring the Music of Outlines "Discover How Far Tea Can Take You

It's a commercial for Lipton Tea, No it's a music video for the Outlines new song "I Cannot Think", actually it's both.

Lipton releases a new music clip based on a song by the Parisian duet "Outlines".
Using the same spirit as the surrealist pop outdoor campaign and the website launched early this year for its Exclusive Collection, Lipton invites us once again to discover how far tea can take us.
A melodic adventure signed by DDB Paris.
The completely animated clip has been developed in partnership with the production house B-reel. It features the elements which contributed to the Internet website success : an "Infinite Travel" though six surreal, pop and poetic universes which seem to be never-ending.
The Outlines music title "I cannot think", launched in July, gives rhythm to it all. The result of the pairing can only be cheerful.
Creative Directors : Pierrette Diaz/Matthieu Elkaim
Creatives : Nicolas Berthier/Fran├žois Guyomard
Interaction Director : Branislav Peric
Digital Producers : Guillaume Cossou / Sophie Hoffman
Client partner : Marina Zuber
Account Director : Olga Papikian
Account Manager : Lennie Stern
Production : B-Reel

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