iPhone Shake To Avctiv8 Dockers Ad

The first of it's kind, iPhone begins displaying ads, this is the Dockers Shake To Activat8 ad that iphone dockers ad shake to activat8features urban street dancer Orbitron (Dufon) of Circle of Fire. Orbitron is also going to ad spots for iPhone games "iBasketball," "iGolf" and "iBowl," and a lifestyle application iTV, users have to shake the iPhone to get Dufon to start dancing on their iPhones.

The ads are the work of Razorfish for Dockers, who say this commercial is the first-ever brand to launch a motion-sensitive ad that makes use of iPhone's accelerometer feature. "Our target is tech-savvy," said Patti Sircus Bender, director of brand marketing at Dockers. "With the introduction of the iPhone and other technologies, it became clear to us we need to talk to our target when and where he's open to our message."

Ms. Sircus Bender said the placement of the interactive ad in gaming applications makes a strong case for the target consumer to engage with the brand. "He's in gaming mode and in the mood to be entertained," she said.
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