The Geico Gecko Commercials Get A Viral Parody Blast

We all know and love the Gecko from the Geico Insurance commercials and it was only a matter of time until an ad agency took the gecko and created a few viral spots. Three parodies were created from three of the most popular YouTube clips, the laughing baby is now the laughing gecko, the Numa Numa guy does his dance with a gecko dancing in the background and lastly the gecko takes a picture a day for two years. Love them or hate them Geico Insurance and the Gecko will go down as one the greatest campaigns ever.

Before you look away, did you notice the dancing gecko dancing in the fish tank in the background?

Numa Numa guy, Gary Brolsma is back with some friends, the Gecko and Kash, the money you could be saving with GEICO.

The Geico Gecko parodies are the work of The Martin Agency full credits here:
Client: GEICO Insurance
Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond
Prodco: Dreams Factory, Richmond
Director: Sunny Zhao
Campaign: Gecko Parodies
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