iphone 3G Gets All Itchy In Their Newest Commercial

The new Apple iPhone commercial goes on and on about all the new apps available for the iPhone 3G, in particular if that bush your standing on will make you all itchy, well you guessed it there's an app for that too.

iPhone US TV Campaign
Spot title: “Itchy”
Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab
Chief Creative Officer: Lee Clow
Executive Creative Directors: Duncan Milner, Eric Grunbaum
CD/SrAD/AD/JrAD: Alain Briere, Jamie Reilly, Drew Stalker, Parker Grant
SrCW: Alicia Dotter, Allan Manaysay, Kevin Tenglin
Producer: Hank Zakroff, Francesca Moore
Production Co: Green Dot Films
Director: Mark Coppos & Virginia Lee
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