Axe Body Language Commercial

Axe Body Spray by Unilever has just released the new Axe Body Language commercials. I had high praise for the Axe Bullet "Don't Let Opportunity Pass You By" campaign, that featured the great song by The Seeds, "Can't Seem To Make You Mine".
Let us know what you think of the new Axe Body Language commercials. Axe has gone with a clever ad slogan for this one: "Reading Body Language". 3 Axe commercials were done in this TV ad campaign: Desire, Oedipus, and Self Esteem.

Axe Body Language developed in Buenos Aires, by creative directors Hernan Ibarra, Walter Aregger and Hernan Ponce.
Copywriters/art directors: Rafael Santamarina and Juan Manuel Montero.
Ad Agency producer: Selva Dinelli.
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