Great Ads With A Summer Time Feel

In the spirit of summer 2008, a collection of hot summer weather themed advertising. A small collection of print ads, some funny, some not some of these great ads just say "enjoy the summer", others might make you look twice and a few might get a little well... let the advertising speak for itself...
Advertising in it's simplistic form, advertising a local car wash.
topless carwash advertisingHawaiian Tropic print ad, a must if you will be out in the sun.
bikini girl commercial adsIf you plan on being out sight seeing this summer, please keep your eyes on the road at all times!
A classic great print ad from Wallis.
Nothing says summer like a BBQ with friends and a nice thick juicy steak, who better to advertise a great steak than Donald Trump? I could think of a million other people!
Of course drinking plenty of fluids is important throughout the summer, and below are 2 great examples of advertising in the summer from Perrier Water.
perrier print ads girl at beachPerhaps water is not your drink of choice, beer advertising is everywhere so here is a great poster/billboard ad for Bud Light beer and a clever advertising campaign from feet commercial

The beach and bikini's are the staples of summer, H&M has billboards everywhere.

Now if you plan any activities at the beach, please don't forget your cam, Olympus took us to the beach for this clever advertising campaign.

Finally, don't forget your sunglasses, those UV rays are terrible. Oakley has a strong message for the sun expressed through this print ad. You tell it Oakley you tell it!

Go on, now get out there are enjoy the summer. Advertisers are waiting for you.
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