Take a 'Scent Vacation' with the 2011 Old Spice Super Bowl Commercial

Banking on the popularity of last years Old Spice Super Bowl Ad, the much anticipated sequel has finally arrived for Super Bowl XLV. The Old Spice Man himself, aka Isiah Mustafa, has returned in his now iconic role, as Old Spice is not messing around with their winning formula. The only real difference is that the former NFL star has replaced his white towel for a grass skirt. The ad however still works as a great piece of advertising and is sure to still be one of the most popular spots for this years big event. Impressive still is that the commercial, as in previous versions, is shot in one take with no edits.

Agency:Wieden + Kennedy Portland
Creative Director:Jason Bagley
Creative Director:Eric Baldwin
Copywriter:Eric Kallman
Copywriter:Craig Allen
Art Director:Eric Kallman
Art Director:Craig Allen
Producer:Corey Bartha
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