Nike "Courage" Unity Commercial for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Nike "Courage" Just Do It Commercial 2008 Olympics... Unity
The newest Nike commercial celebrating the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympic games. This is Nike advertising at it's best. Weiden and Kennedy advertising at its best, I was glad to see Nike advertising leave Crispin.
The Nike Courage commercial goes back a bit and uses the "Everything You Need Is Already Inside You" and the "Just Do It" slogan for this feel good sport themed commercial for the upcoming 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The song they used for this great commercial: The Killers "All The Things I've Done".

Nike also packed in many and I mean many super star athletes into this 1 minute commercial, and I took the time to write down as many I could, here they are: LeBron James, Vasily Alekseyev, John McEnroe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Paul Gasol, Ralph Boston, Lasji Doucourè, Wayne Rooney, Maria Sharapova, Henry Marsh, David Lega, Mary Lou Retton, Zhu Jianhua, Liu Xiang, Carlos Lopes, Daiane dos Santos, Steve Prefontaine, Paula Radcliffe, Joan Benoit-Samuelson, Wallace Spearmon Jr., Julie Moss, Omar Salazar, Miho Shinoda, Lance Armstrong, Kenny Bartram, Garrett Reynolds, Hasely Crowford, Carl Lewis, Kobe Bryant, Bernard Lagat, Mary Decker Slaney, Kerry O'Brien, Pete Sampras, Manfred Naumann, Derek Redmond, Arthur Ashe, Roger Federer, Sherone Simpson, Jon Lester, Michael Johnson, Michael Jordan, Romualdo Kubiak, and Oscar Pistorius.

I will try to have the full credits for the nike couarge commercial posted soon too.
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