Black Thinking Viral Advertising "Scratch Me" 2nd of the Series

The second of a series of Viral Ads created for, the clothing brand decided on going only viral across the internet with their advertising campaign. The "Scratch Me" features two cats being used as turntables, music, special effects and composition by: Andrés Reymondes, Sebastián Baptista and Santi Justribó.

Title: “Scratch me”
Client: Republic Technologies
Product: OCB
Advertising agency: Road (Barcelona)
Executive creative director: Emilio Lezaun
Creative director: Xavi Solé
Creative team: Iolanda Mora, Marc Mallafré
Account team: Natàlia Aznar, Ilonka Von Spanyar
Client contact: Valérie Amiguas, David Petit
Production company: boolab
Director: Nico Casavecchia
Executive producers: Lucas Elliot, Coke Ferreiro
Producer: Silvia Romero
Creative supervision: Lucas Elliot
Music and SFX: Andrés Reymondes
Head of composition: Sebastián Baptista
Composition: Santi Justribó
3D and animation: Lactea Studio (Anais Denti, Alvaro Ucha, Alberto Gracia, Hector Muñoz, Marc Felicó)
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