Nissan Crossovers Murano VS Qashqai +2

New Nissan Crossovers commercial, The new Murano VS. Qashqai +2 dancing battle commercial, now this is the way all advertising should be done.

Nissan Commercial Credits: via

This fall Nissan Europe will be launching 2 new models: the New Murano (in October) and the New Qashqai+2 (in September). With the launch of Qashqai in 2007, these 2 new models will make Nissan the first car manufacturer to have a unique Crossover range.
In a soon-to-be cluttered segment by 2010 where competitors will have more media fire power, the strategic challenge was to benefit from a first entrant advantage and establish a clear positioning for Nissan crossovers with the aim to be perceived as the most daring ones. The comms strategy was to leverage Qashqai’s urbanproof positioning and extend it to the whole range to fit the same target mindset: people who embrace the unexpected, thrive on novelty and love to anticipate change. Nissan crossovers share the same urban proof attitude.

TBWA\G1 and TBWA\Paris took on the challenge and found a creative idea that would allow individual cars from the range to express their unique personality yet be part of the same family. What if Murano and Qashqai were actually two Gangs from a City … Murano comes from the upscale part of the city while Qashqai and Qashqai +2 come from the more gritty areas. Murano is refined and imposing while Qashqai is quick and agile. These two gangs like to challenge each other but as they both own the city, they also share similar values and respect each other. They will settle their differences through a dance battle where each of their moves reflect their respective attitude and personality before ending in a beautifully choreographed finale inspired from classic American musicals.

TBWA\ and Nissan have chosen the famous French director Frederic Planchon to shoot this TVC. The film was shot in Berlin for 5 days. All post-production work including CGI was handled by BUF in Paris, taking almost 2 months for completion.

The campaign will be aired in 25 European countries from October 2008 in 60 sec, 40 and 30 sec formats.

Client : Nissan Europe
Jean-Pierre Diernaz : Marketing Communications General Manager
Caroline Mechaï : Advertising & Media Manager
Lisette Nieuwenhuis : Advertising Section Manager
Agency: TBWA\G1 and TBWA\Paris
Erik Vervroegen : Executive Creative Director
Parag Tembulkar : European Creative Director
Ewan Veitch : Executive Managing Director
Marianne Fonferrier : Art Director
Ghislaine De Germon : Copy Writer
Maxime Boiron : Head of TV
Virginie Chalard : TV Producer
Alexandre Fay Keller : Head of sound department
Benoit Dunaigre : Sound producer
Guillaume Chupeau : Account Director
Céline Duval : Account Manager
Raphaël Bouquillon : Account Executive
Filippo Dell’Osso : Planning Director

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