Mercedes Benz Crash Test

"Some Tests You're Better Off Not Doing Yourself"
Mercedes Benz Crash Test AdvertClick to enlarge image, I love how Mercedes Benz placed a real woman in the drivers seat to further enhance the message in this print advert.
The Dutch Cancer Society decided this past August/2008 that they would not recommend women to preform their own monthly breast exams. Research suggested that self examinations neither lead to early detection or lower mortality rates in breast cancer, and some disadvantages to preforming self exams as opposed to being examined by a professional.

Having said that: the month of October has focused on breast cancer for several years now, and the Pink Ribbon magazine was launched within this context in 2004. All the proceeds of the publication go to the breast cancer foundation. Mercedes-Benz placed a 1/1 advertisement in this magazine again this year. Just like last year’s placement, this advertisement focuses on the correlation between breast cancer research and the research that Mercedes Benz continually conducts to make its cars safer for people.

The theme of this year’s advertisement is ‘self-examination is good, but examination by experts is better’.

Advertised brand: Mercedes-Benz
Advert title: Crash test
Headline: Some tests you’re better off not doing yourself.
Advertising agency: FHV BBDO (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Agency website:
Campaign target: Pink Ribbon advises women to no longer perform monthly breast self-examinations.
.Art Director: Joris van Elk
Copywriter: Mark Muller
Account: Bas Verdoorn
Client: Peter Zijlstra
Photography: Jaap Vliegenthart
Retouch: Souverein
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