New UPS Commercial Premise Setter US Version

Nice Shoes, working in collaboration with Gartner Productions via Ogilvy & Mather, handled post and effects on a recent global UPS campaign. Marking Ogilvy's first effort for UPS, and Nice Shoes' extremely early involvement in the production process, the campaign is a total departure from previous UPS advertising.

The vibrant spots, a combination of live-action, and animation/motion graphics courtesy of Go Robot!, highlight the shipping giant's outstanding global logistics including a chipper song celebrating the subject. The campaign's centerpiece is an upbeat :60 crafted in Chinese, Spanish, and American and British English versions. While the exact footage varies from one spot to the next to incorporate specific cultural elements, the basic setup is the same: from an airport tarmac to soaring cities to bustling factories, the spot goes on a fantastic worldwide journey, showing a UPS deliveryman hustling through the skies, the waterways and the streets in a variety of airplanes, boats, trucks and push carts, bringing packages to smiling and grateful customers.

"We had to color grade from a myriad of sources," noted Colorist Chris Ryan. "It was a challenge to make stock footage match the specifically shot footage and the archive footage provided by UPS."

Working with their customary speed, Nice Shoes worked in Flame to finish the spots in only one week. The work process was somewhat streamlined by a deep familiarity between Nice Shoes and Ogilvy, which have worked together on campaigns for IBM, American Express, TD Ameritrade and many others.

Product: UPS Global Launch
Spots Title: Premise Setter, International Business
Air Date: September 2010 (Premise Setter), October 2010 (International Business)
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Vice Chairman North America: Chris Wall
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Sciarotta
Group Creative Director(s): Mitch Gordon, Steve Silver
Agency Production Team: Ogilvy & Mather
EP: Melissa Mapes
Senior Producer: Cheryl Gackstetter
Producer: Meg McCarthy
Music Producer: Peter Gannon
Prod Company: Gartner Productions
Director: Raymond Bark
Editorial: Go Robot!
Editor: Adam Liebowitz
Assistant Editor(s): Craig Brasen, Jessica Falls
EP/Owner: Alisa Sheinberg
EP: Laura Molinaro
Animation/Graphics: Christian Matts, Eric Wagner
Color Grading: Nice Shoes
Colorist(s): Chris Ryan, Lez Rudge, Gene Curley
EP: Pat Portela
Post/Effects: Nice Shoes
VFX Artist(s): John Shea, Vin Roma, Bryan Rosenblum, Jason Farber
Music: Human
Arranger: Morgan Visconti

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