Smart Car Commercial Is Really Against Dumb

If Diesel is for stupid then Smart is really against dumb and the dumbest thing going on right now is over-consumption. This is why the Smart car has launched a social media campaign on Facebook to get people to join in a crusade against over-consumption. The auto brand is also looking for the worst examples of dumb, mindless over-consumption to include in an upcoming video. Dumb is not watching this commercial and joining in on the fun.

Agency: Strawberry Frog
Director: Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Producer: Kitty Dillard
Design: Gareth O'Brien, Yker Moreno
Lead Animation: Gareth O'Brien
Additional Animation: Harry Teitelman, Chad Colby, Claudio Salas, Jacques Khouri
Sound Design & Music: Antfood VO
Talent: Tirtzah Wilson
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