Veja Magazine "iPad" Ad is a Touching Tale of the Future

Capturing the paradigm shift and revolutionary changes that are occurring in print media and society as a whole, Brazilian magazine Veja and ad agency G2 Grey have created a subtle yet very effective advertisement to promote their availability on Apple's iPad. Having first hand witnessed the intuitive manner in which young children have taken to the iPad, this spots message is a poignant one on how this technology will change future generations forever.

Advertising Agency: G2 Grey, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director: Carlos Silvério
Creative Director: Cristiane Albano
Art Director: Tiago Oliveira
Copywriter: Felipe Ribeiro Account
Supervisor: Sérgio Brandão
Account Manager: Fabio Lyra
Production Co: Janela Digital
Director of Photography: Maurício Jordy
Motion Graphics: Thiago Ueda
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