Super Bowl XLIII Ads Coke and CareerBuilder

Th hype surrounding the Super Bowl Ads in past years just hasn't seemed to happen like in past Super Bowls. Steve Hall of Ad Gabber recently mentioned on his site that the hype hasn't happened yet and was wondering if it would, when CareerBuilder sent him the commercial they will be airing during the 2009 Super Bowl, well done Steve.

The spot was created by the ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, and in typical CareerBuilder style it's about all the things we hate about our jobs and how we might consider changing jobs.

Coca-Cola Open Happiness Campaign Debuts During The Super Bowl
The Coke vs. Pepsi cola war heat up for the Super Bowl, Pepsi has managed to keep Coke out of the first half entirely by buying up all the first half ad space. But in an effort to capture a younger generation and consumer tastes, one of Coca-Cola's three Super Sunday ads will feature fast-growing, no-calorie Coke Zero, not Classic Coke.

Having the Pittsburgh Steelers in the game turned out to be huge bonus for the Zero ad: It features Steelers star safety Troy Polamalu.

"We're thrilled about Troy, and we're thrilled about the Steelers. … (It's) going to be a powerful spot in the game," said Katie Bayne, North American chief marketing officer, as she and other executives on Wednesday introduced Coke's new global ad campaign with the theme "Open Happiness."

The Coke Zero ad and two Coca-Cola ads will air in the second half. The two Coke ads, include one in which insects try to steal a bottle of Coke from a young man sleeping in a park. The other, a man walks through a city and people around him turn into computer avatars.
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