Rejected Super Bowl XLIII Ads Ashley Madison

The Super Bowl XLIII ads and commercial frenzy has begun, one of many Super Bowl ads to be rejected is this for Ashley
Noel Biderman, CEO of, told CNBC that his ad was eventually rejected and was specifically told that the company wouldn't be allowed to advertise in any NFL game program until the end of time.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that no one in the league office actually ever saw the ad. "After realizing what the site was, the sales rep called back and told the company there was a mistake and that his company could not sell an ad to the site."

Biderman thinks his inability to advertise is hypocritical.

"I find the rejection to be ridiculous given that a huge percentage of the NFL's marketing content is for products like alcohol, which they sell in their stadiums, promote on their air and clearly have in the magazine," Biderman said. "That's a product that literally kills tens of thousands of people each year. So if the NFL is worried about legislating behavior and regulating what their audience should be exposed to then it should start with a ban on all alcohol advertising and products being sold, not", a Canadian company, has been in existence for seven years, but has only been advertising in the U.S. for about a year and half.

"We don't intend to let this pass," Biderman said. "This is our core audience and we will find a way to let them know about the existence of this service."
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