The BK Whopper Sacrifice

The BK Whopper Sacrifice, a new Facebook app from Burger King and their friends, is simply a coupon delivery tool for a free Whopper. In typical Crispin Porter + Bogusky (advertising agency who created the campaign) style, they hit a nerve. This nerve, is the one pinched by Facebook users you don't know, but who want to be your friend.
"Friendship is strong, but a BK Whopper is Stronger".
The idea of the Whopper Sacrifice: Use this application and be rewarded with a free flame-broiled Whopper when you sacrifice 10 of your facebook friends. To date 390, 333 friends have been giving up and the total is rising fast.

Brian Morrissey of Adweek writes,

The notion of dumping friends in exchange for a burger could offend some, though Crispin has not shied from controversy with BK. Jeff Benjamin, executive interactive creative director, said the agency and client were careful to make the application lighthearted rather than "vindictive."

"The [friend] removal is another kind of socializing," he said. "At first you think it's antisocial, but it's a social device. Now we finally have something to talk about."

Haven't seen the new BK Angry Whopper created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky yet? View it here: Angry Whopper
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