Antonio Federici Gelato Shocking Print Ads

Antonio Federici is Italian for ice cream and the print ad campaign is universal for shocking in the eyes of some. The Gelato campaign where nuns and priests get a little more intimate than the Holy Spirit is comfortable with. Short but sizzling taglines include "submit to temptation" and "kiss temptation".

UK's Advertising Standards Authority, which has banned campaigns less shocking has apparently never indulged itself in the sensual magic that is italian gelato. The watchdog is investigating the ads now, but that's pretty much a formality: according to the Committee of Advertising Practice, "linking sex or sexualised images with religion may cause particular offense" and "portraying nuns in a sexual manner is inappropriate." In other words, don't expect to see the Federici Gelato print ads dangling above the ice cream section at your local supermarket.

It's actually too bad they are going to ban these ads as they are pretty good, they just used a couple in the wrong proffesion. For those of you who just have to see more the Antonio Federici Gelato website has the music and the complete campaign up for your viewing pleasure, just remember God see's everything you do.
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