New BMW Ads Put The Competition in their Place

New BMW commercials titled Logic and Knowledge go after their competition in these spots created by Grey West.

The Brief:
Kommitted's Nathan McGuinness puts the competition in its place in a pair of expertly directed spots for BMW via Grey West.

Knowledge, a :30 spot finds us in the drivers seat traveling fast across a desert highway. As the road begins to morph we realize we are following a trail of ink flowing from a pen across the surface of one of the amazingly affordable lease agreements BMW is offering on its popular 3 series. The message is clear: BMW is more affordable than ever. Now you know.

In the live action :30 Logic, we open on a two-lane city street. As the handsome 3 series sedan comes up from behind and blows past its expensive to maintain competitors, we are reminded that a BMW, with its logic defying worry free maintenance program, costs us nothing to maintain. "We shot the cars off a 20-foot arm on a camera with an ultra-long lens, the idea being that BMW surpasses the competition," commented Kommitted's McGuinness. "I went a bit more old school and color corrected the bleached bypass of the print instead of going to the negative, which is a great example of what can be done with good, old fashioned 35mm film."
Client: BMW
Spot Title: Knowledge, Logic
Air Date: April 2009
Agency: Grey West
EP: Tor Myhren
ECD: Melissa Webber
Producer: Ben Latimer
Prod Company: Kommitted
Director: Nathan McGuinness
EP: Marc Siegel
Producer: Jodi Fisher
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