Miller Lite Wise Guy Protection Commercial

New Miller Lite Protection commercial gives us a couple of wise guys offering to protection to a bar owner.
In Protection C-Store two wise guys approach a store clerk stocking the refrigerators with cans of Miller Lite. When the mobsters offer to provide the store with protection, they are rebuffed by a clerk who explains that Miller Lite's cans have a new Taste Protector lid and that's all that is needed to lock in Miller Lite's great pilsner taste.

Protection Bar finds our wise guys walking into a bar to offer their services to the bar owner. When he declines, the thugs persist, reminding him that bad things can happen to people who decline the kind of protection they're offering. Unfazed, the bar owner shows them a bottle of Miller Lite with the new Taste Protector cap to demonstrate that he has all the protection he needs.

When it comes to locking in the great pilsner taste, some may say that Miller Lite is in the protection business!
The Creds:

Client: Miller Lite
Spots Title: Protection Bar, Protection C-Store
Air Date: May 2009

Agency: DraftFCB
Art Director: Todd Durston
Copywriter: Berk Wasserman
CD: Chuck Rudnick
Producer: Jody Murrie
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