Axe Lynx Bullet The Pocket Pulling Power Billboard

The Axe Bullet with Pocket Pulling Power, that's right I said pocket pulling power took their advertising to a new level with a live billboard on Old Street in central London. The billboard features Lauren Budd and yes she is very real and that is really her up there in the jean pocket of the Axe Bullet billboard.
This was done last March, but after visiting The Denver Egotist's website today who posted this I just had to share it with everyone who might have missed it.

From JCDecaux Innovate's website:
Stunning model Lauren Budd gave commuters a thrill this morning as Lynx unveiled their first live billboard on JCDecaux’s Première 400 billboard at Old Street for the new pocket sized Lynx Bullet. The campaign was booked through Kinetic and Mindshare.

Pocket rocket Lauren stopped passers-by in their tracks as she invited guys to embrace on-the-go pulling by appearing on Lynx’s ‘Thrillboard’ in London’s Old Street. Standing in a denim pocket elevated above the famous East London Street, she called for a Pocket Pulling Power revolution. Hot Lynx girl Lauren was encouraging guys to never miss a pulling opportunity.

These sexy shots of Lauren thrilling people on their way to work are part of the nationwide launch of new Lynx Bullet – the UK’s first pocket sized grooming essential designed for 24/7 pulling.

The Lynx ‘Thrillboard’ is a first for the brand and Lauren was delighted to be posing in a pocket to launch this portable grooming essential.

Now who wouldn't just love to read a few quotes from Lauren Budd?
“Pocket Pulling Power is about giving guys an instant boost of the Lynx Effect with new Lynx Bullet so they never miss an opportunity.”

“I want British guys to be prepared for the ‘laydee’s’ day or night, 24/7, so they never miss an opportunity with new Lynx Bullet and Pocket Pulling Power.”

“Guys are always looking for an opportunity to pull - I get chatted up on the train, in shops and even when I’m in a pocket at 8am on Old Street!!”

“The opportunity to pose in a pocket for Lynx’s first live billboard was great fun. I felt like a real pocket rocket up there!”
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