Gatorade Has Evolved Commercial

Great new ad for Gatorade, features the song "Evolve", music is produced by David Banner and the artist's name is Quinn who is a member of the group, BLACKstreet. Gatorade Has Evolved shows how Gatorade has advanced hydration and sports performance and how the G Series will break new ground. The spot takes viewers back to a day when athletes balled on peach baskets, their racquets were wooden and hydration was only water. Jump to 1965 when Gatorade revolutionized hydration and helped fuel athletes like Michael Jordan and Mia Hamm as they redefined sports performance. Now in 2010, the G Series will change the sports performance landscape once again. Usain Bolt, Dwight Howard, and Peyton Manning were instrumental in working with Gatorade scientists during the development of the G Series.
Worldwide Creative Director: Lee Clow
Group Creative Director/Writer: Jimmy Smith
Creative Director/Art Director: Jayanta Jenkins
Creative Director/Writer: Donna Lamar
Digital AD: Jeremy Stabile
Executive Producer: Sarah Patterson
Senior Producer: Veronica Beach
Producer: Danielle Tarris
Associate Producer: Michael Gross
Assistant Producer: Matt Magsaysay
Group Planning Director: Scott Macmaster
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