Pepsi Canada Joy It Forward Campaign

In the Great Ads inbox today comes a social media strategy that works. Pepsi Canada and Proximity Canada enjoy some well deserved success with the Pepsi Joy It Forward campaign.
As part of the digital strategy developed for Pepsi in Canada, the website encourages people to participate and spread the positive culture and energy of the brand online.

On the site, visitors can explore “Joy Meters” which aggregate content to measure what people are doing online to spread the feeling of joy. Some of the Joy Meters include: Mentions of Joy on Twitter; Results for Joy on Google; Joyous Word of the Day; Bundles of Joy Born today; etc. Check them out here:

Visitors to the site can also play simple Joy-filled games (called Joygles). Some of the games include: Bubble Blaster ; Make an Old Man Smile; Staring Contest; Dance Party Dino; and the most recently added game 3 Card Pepsi. Play them here:

To complement the website, a Facebook Fan Page was created as a discussion forum on all things Pepsi and a place to play the Joygles. Pepsi also created a Twitter feed that provides a steady stream of conversation around the feeling of joy. Online media placements and domination-style ads were also part of the online digital campaign.

Within a week of the launch, the online properties received thousands of visits. Most impressive was the response to the Facebook Fan Page which has grown from an initial 300 fans to over 91,000 fans in the first 3 weeks. In one day alone, the page received over 25,000 fans. Since their creation, the Joygles have accumulated over 35,000 game plays.

Equally impressive, is that in the usually quiet world of corporate fan page Walls, Pepsi fans have been tremendously engaged with the brand with over 9000 interactions to date on the Facebook fan page.

Special thanks to Shari at BBDO/Proximity Toronto for passing the info to us at Great-Ads.

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