Body Heat Ad Rejected By Social Media Network

Believe it or not MySpace has decided to develop a conscious regarding what is too provocative on their site. They recently rejected this ad for a Body Heat promotion, apparently they deemed this too racy. I know I had a hard time holding in the laughter too. The contest seems pretty darn exciting if you ask, the winner will be posted on a billboard in Hollywood and nice check for $10,000, so lets get to all the entries I wanna vote for the hottest body in the world too! The Body Heat TV commercial is below.
Here's what Dot Box the digital ad agency behind the spot had to say about the ad being rejected my MySpace:
“Our “Hottest Body in the World” ad promoting Parfums de Coeur’s new Body Heat men’s fragrance is a screenshot from a 30-second TV commercial that will run on Fox TV stations and also appear on Facebook (Facebook). Nevertheless, Myspace deemed the ad “unacceptable” due to its overly explicit sexuality – and odd development considering Myspace’s less-than-prudish reputation.

Admittedly, our campaign for the Hottest Body in the World is sexy. Through social networks, we are encouraging men to submit “hot” photos of themselves to compete for the title. The winner will get their image on a prominent Hollywood billboard and $10k cash.

In the ad, you see the guy’s chest (see attached). But how many half-undressed women are all over Myspace? And what does this say about Facebook’s moral standards, or supposed lack thereof? The standards of this community are notably lax. So why call this ad out?

Myspace’s response has “family values” written all over it: “Shirtless guy ok,” they write, “shirtless guy w/ girl = maybe (bikini or underwear=no), shirtless guy w/ two females, (one of which is about to do who knows what) = not acceptable.”
Thumbs up to DotBox and the people behind this, great work, and here is the Body Heat TV Commercial promoting the site.
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