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What makes an ad campaign great? Aside from the obvious creative directors, art directors or the production team, we rarely give enough to credit to the music composers behind some of our favorite campaigns. From my own experience here at Great-Ads, I regularly receive emails from individuals wanting to know who composed/sings or song credits for many of the ads here on the site and they are not always the easiest credits to find. With that in mind a new section devoted to Media/Music Composers begins.
Who is Glyn M. Owen?
Glyn studied at the Royal College of Music and now works as a media composer from his studio near London, England. His clients include Audi, BMW, Disney, O2, Schwarzkopf, T-Mobile and Volvo. Glyn writes in many musical styles not only in the world of advertising but also in music branding for companies such as ITV and SKY in the UK and further afield with ETV and MBC in the Middle East, SBS and NED 2 in Holland and POLSAT TV and TV ROSSIYA in Eastern Europe.
More recently he composed music to launch BMW’s new X6 for this promo clip titled "Experience"(video below) and earlier this year he was commissioned to write a 50’s style song for Braun’s ‘'Mafia’' commercial filmed especially for the Cannes Lions Festival 2009 (see it here on Youtube).

He has won numerous awards including a Cannes Lions Gold for Olympus’ "Red Eyed Baby" (see it here) and "Distorted Dogs" (see it here) and a Silver award for Volvo/Disney’s The Hunt "At World’s End" and "Dead Man's Chest" commercials (see it here).
Glyn also writes for the EMI and KPM Music libraries. For more info on Glyn M.Owen or to contact him directly visit his website at
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