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Finally a fashion industry campaign I like.
Boudicca, Typhoon CP shot live action sequences using a motion control rig, a unique system with its circular dolly track. The film constructs a ‘dress’ around a bare mannequin, with the dress simply growing and evolving; the folds, strands, creepers and swirls of the ‘dress’ being enhanced with 3D CGI. The final piece of animation turns the screen black allowing for the Boudicca Platform 13 logo and Magpies to emerge white over the black frame. Using a motion control rig enabled each pass to be shot in live action which allowed control of the animation transition in edit and the speed dynamics and duration of the film could be lengthened and shortened, to accommodate the various media platforms Boudicca hope to use the film for.
Once filming was completed, all of the various passes (upwards of 50 separate takes) were composited together at UNIT using The Foundry’s “Nuke” software. Time was taken to embellish the final product, with particular focus on the pace and feel of the dress’ creation. Utilising the 3D departments Maya and Tracking software PFTrack, CG animation was created for the ending, giving the effect of a continuation in the build of the dress. This was then seamlessly integrated and developed into a final, loopable ending. Mannequin seams, set edges and rigging were then removed and finally an overall colour grade applied.
The result, a radically creative film showcasing the expression of couture fashion, Typhoon CP and UNIT created a visually stunning campaign that reflects the brand’s bold image.
Project name:Boudicca’s Tornado
Client: Boudicca
Creative agency: Typhoon CP
Production Company: Typhoon CP
Director: Ben Bannister
Producer: Jonathan Bannister
Art director: Gail Smith
Post production: UNIT
Post Producer: Luke Todd
Exposure: Installation, viral email, website home page, etc
Special thanks to Kathryn for passing this along to us.
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