Pamela Anderson Stars in new Banned Peta Commercial Video

Pamela Anderson stars in a new video for Peta, the latest Peta ad titled "Cruelty Doesn't Fly". Anderson plays a security guard in the spot and dons an airport security-guard outfit and strips traveler's of their fashion faux pas animal skins. The video also stars, Steve-O, punk rocker Nina Hagen and famous comedian Andy Dick. Leave it to Peta and their commercials to leave us scratching our heads. Continue reading after watching the ad they rejected this ad from being shown at some US airports.
PETA is making news again with this new spot, the Pamela Anderson commercials has been banned from airport TV's. The message is "Cruelty doesn't fly", and that wearing skins, fur, leather or wool is not OK, BUT according to PETA, they had planned to run the ad on CNN airport edition, but were told that it was "too racy".
Despite the ban, Pamela Anderson is still planning to speak out against animal cruelty and wants to pitch the commercial to the likes of Sir Richard Branson.

Don't tell me they were surprised at the reaction.
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