Come "Taste the Lighter Side of Dark" with Newcastle Brown Ale Ad Campaign

In their great new ad campaign titled 'Taste the Lighter Side of Dark', UK based brewery Newcastle have created a series of hilarious new TV spots intended for select markets including parts of the US. The three 30 second commercials titled 'Doctor', 'Goon' and 'Prison', all feature that dry-wit British sense of humor mixed with a perfect combination of dark yet optimistic outcomes. To create real authenticity to the adverts, the creators filmed the ads in a traditional pub on the outskirts of London, where they actually hired local residents to star in the clever campaign.

Ad Agency:VITRO Production Company, New York
Director:Harold Einstein
Technologies Editor:James Hutchins
Executive Creative Director:John Vitro
Creative Director:Kent Thayer
Copywriter:Kent Thayer
Agency Producer:Mickey Strider
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