Mitchum Tells No "Lies" in Their New "Love Thy Pits" Ad Campaign

Creative production company Brand New School and ad agency Mother New york have teamed up to create a featured spot for Mitchum's new "Love Thy Pits" ad campaign. Jonathan Notaro and his colleagues have produced a cool looking :30 second spot titled "Lies" that combines live action with hip animation, resulting in some original and entertaining visuals. With the ad's ironic and off-beat style, Mitchum is sure to appeal to their campaign's targeted young male demographic, possibly even stealing some of the cool away from Axe.

Advertising Agency: Mother New York
Creatives: Dave Clark, Christine Gignac, Rob Trostle, Michael Ian Kaye, Bobby Hershfield, Paul Malmstrom
Strategist: Sarah Plaskitt
Agency Producer: Christine DoRego
Production Company: Brand New School
Director: Jonathan Notaro
Director of Photography: Eric Treml
Line Producer: David Wolfson
Production Manager: Stacy Bergstein
Art Director: Justin Fines
Editor: Erik Barnes
Flame: Blake Huber
Designers: Jonathan Notaro, Justin Fines, Stephen Kelleher
CG Lead: Vadim Turchin
3D Animation: Han Ho, Jerry Chow, Ryan Lang, Adam Rosenzweig
2D Animation: Hyesung Park, Robin Greenwood, Andy Mastrocinque, Adam Sacks, Justin Demetrician
Storyboard Artist: Will Rosado
Compositor: Ted Kotsaftis, Bill Dorais
Executive Producer: Devin Brook
Managing Director: Danny Rosenbloom
Post Producer: Toby Sowers
Production Coordinator: Zoe Beyer
Music & Sound Design Company: The Lodge
Creative Directors: Eric Hillebrecht & Colin Thibadeau
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