Continental Airlines Sweet Ride Kommitted and Asylum Do Joint Flyover for New Spot

Continental Airlines gives us a sweet ride in their newest commercial out of the Work Hard Fly Right campaign.
Kommitted Director Nathan McGuinness just completed a close collaboration with The Kaplan Thaler Group and VFX studio Asylum to create Features, an energetic new spot for Continental Airlines. The elaborate :30 is a blend of live action and VFX footage that required a unique synthesis between the two companies in order to meet the exact vision of the agency as it develops its campaign promoting the airline's newest-in-the-industry fleet.

The spot features close-up shots of an airliner's sleek fuselage and engines, with sunlight glinting off metal as a deceptive voiceover touts aerodynamic design, fuel efficiency, and interior comfort to lead the viewer into thinking they are viewing a standard car commercial. These images alternate with lightning-quick flashes of sleek instrument panels, leather chairs, and a television monitor showing a car cruising down a winding road. Just after the ruse is revealed by the voiceover proclaiming that the vehicle can do "zero to five hundred before you even realize you're in the air," a Continental jet rockets through the clouds.
Client: Continental Airlines
Spots Title: Features
Air Date: October 2009
Agency: Kaplan Thaler Group
CD(s): Jack Cardone, Michael Grieco
Managing Dir/Broadcast Producer: Lisa Bifulco
Producer: Tim LeGallo
Account Director: Chisato Murata
Prod Company: Kommitted
Director: Nathan McGuinness
EP: Marc Siegel
Producer: Jodi Fisher
Production Supervisor: Moira Hurley
Editorial: Cosmo Street
Editor: Adrienne Gits
Producer: Jerry Sukys
Post/Effects: Asylum
EP: Michael Pardee
Producer: Diana Cheng
Bidding Producer: Michael Hanley
Coordinator: Jennie Burnett
CG Supervisor/Producer: Jeff Werner
VFX Supervisor: Jonathan Hicks
Shoot Location: Newark Airport, NJ
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