Fox and Burger King Team Up for Jessica Simpson Fat Joke Commercial With The Dallas Cowboys

As part of the pre-game show on "Fox NFL Sunday", this animated commercial, presented by Burger King was aired of a tasteless animated skit featuring the Dallas Cowboys. The spoof poked fun at Jessica Simpson,her weight and Tony Romo by the cast of characters made up of Jason Whitten, Marion Barber and coach Wade Phillips. Yes, it is real!
Here is the shaky version of the video.

At, the NBC affiliate for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, locals voting on the spot were 45% furious, 27% bored, 18% laughing and 9% thrilled at press time.
Burger King had nothing to do with the ad, but their name was there clear as day at the beginning of the spot, Fox wrote, produced and aired the bit nationally. Burger King spokeswoman Katie Boylan confirmed that the chain sponsored the skit, but Fox created it.
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