Samsun Corby S3650 | Viral Digital Media Paintball Battle Promo

Samsung recently launched the new Samsung Corby S3650, now how do promote a new product like that you ask? A viral video what else, this is the first in a series of viral spots created by The Viral Factory.
It was produced to test the dependability of friends on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc. Many people have accounts online that list a large number of people in their ‘friends’ section – but who on earth really knows that many people? The video shows a challenge among “professionals”of the social networks, trying to invite the biggest number of friends possible and have them shoot to each other paint in “Burning Man Festival” style!
Vincenzo from the Viral Factory London (
Advertising Agency: The Viral Factory
Creative: The Viral Factory
Director: Christopher Lynch‐Robinson with The Viral Factory
Producer: Joe Marshall
Foreign Production Company: Paradiso Films
Editor: Dominic Leung
Post Production / Edit House: Trim
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