Heineken "Green is the New Black" viveverde

The Brief: To create an environmental program and a tactical effort to launch. Make it attractive and relevant so the target felt compelled to get involved in the environmental movement.

The Execution: Create the Heineken Green Bag, a re-usable grocery bag made of non-recyclable discarded material from Heineken billboards. A local micro-enterprise of seamstresses crafted them. While we tackled the damaging plastic bag situation, we gave a better use to our trash and helped the micro-enterprise. The bags are being sold on Heinekencity.com, the brand's website and other boutiques.

The Result: The Heineken Green Bags became an instant environmental and fashion statement. The first batch of bags was sold out in a few days. Consumers become a walking billboard for Heineken when they shop with the bag. It's an on-going, self-sustainable project.

Advertising Agency: JWT, San Juan, San Juan
Creative Director: Jaime Rosado
Copywriter: Jaime Rosado
Art Director: Johanna Santiago
Editor: Mizael Morales
Sound Engineer: Carlos Dávila
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